Blackpoint's Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service provides 24/7/365 coverage so your organization can focus on other priorities. Let Blackpoint's experienced MDR team monitor, actively hunt, and respond to real-time threats using its patented SNAP-Defense platform.

A state-of-the-art Security Operations and Incident Response platform that will detect lateral movement in its earliest stages and allow us to neutralize threats before they spread.

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Key benefits of the Managed Detection and Response service include:

  • Patented Threat Detection Technology
  • Effective Real-Time Response to Threats
  • Reduces IT/Security Staff Workload
  • Initial Attack Surface Vulnerability Assessment
  • Integrated IoT/IT/OT Protection
  • Affordable Pricing

What to Expect


MDR Team

  • Former US Government Cyber Security Operators
  • Deep Understanding of Hacker Tradecraft
  • Continuously Monitors Threat Landscape
  • Extensive Knowledge of Networking and Windows Domains

MDR Focus

  • Lateral Spread Tradecraft
  • Infrastructure Enumeration
  • Privileged Users and Activity
  • Asset Visibility and Remote Access
  • Insider Threats

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