Industrial Networks Are Vulnerable From Every Direction

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4 May 2018 Blackpoint Cyber Comments Off on Industrial Networks Are Vulnerable From Every Direction Blogs

This past Tuesday our CEO was a panelist in a discussion titled “Cyber Security for Industries’ Critical Assets & Infrastructure” with fellow cyber experts Mark Luciw from ARC Advisory Group, Francis Cianfrocca from Bayshore Networks, and Matt Morris from Siemens. The panel was short, sweet, and to be honest – a little bit frightening. Industrial owners everywhere are beginning to launch digital transformation initiatives to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their infrastructure and services, but these technology developments do not always have proper cyber security protocols in place. This is alarming because breaches of industrial networks are not only inevitable, but can also result in the loss of critical information, safety, prosperity, reputation, and more.

A recent analysis conducted by Positive Technologies finds that hackers could easily gain access to industrial environments once they have breached the corporate network; further evidence that the OT and IT facets of industrial companies must begin to communicate and work together to protect their critical assets. The study was based on data from around twelve different companies around the world in the oil and gas, metallurgy, and energy sectors. 73% of cases found that the corporate network perimeter can be penetrated, due to a wide range of vulnerabilities such as weak passwords, vulnerable software and operating systems, and flaws in network segmentation and traffic filtering.

Harry Forbes, Industry Analyst at ARC Advisory Group, wrote in an article last year that if we cannot expect to make industrial devices as secure as they need to be, we have to focus on making industrial networks as secure as they need to be. We could not agree more with this statement; visit to learn more about our solution for securing OT, ICS, and BAS networks. For the first time, both your traditional corporate IT infrastructure and your Operations Technology networks can be visualized, live-monitored, and protected. SNAP’s IoT security software allows users to visualize and monitor every device that is within an industrial network at any given time – this includes, but is not limited to: building automation, alarm systems, security cameras, lighting controls, irrigation controls, access controls, and more.


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