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A really interesting read about how a few young adults basically brought down the internet last year in an attempt to gain an advantage in #Minecraft:

From executive firings to stock drops to record-high settlements, this year has not been kind when it comes to the consequences of companies not securing consumer #data. 2018 is likely going to be worse, prepare now! Visit

About 83% of U.S. physicians have experienced some form of a #cybersecurity attack, according to the article below. #Healthcare is a highly attractive target for #cyber criminals, a fact that could threaten care delivery and patient safety. #cyberaware

The weakest link that Kevin is talking about here is human error; we all need to be more vigilant in our daily activities so as not to expose ourselves and our companies, but unfortunately human error will always be an issue. That's where we come in. #WednesdayWisdom #cyberaware

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